I laugh a lot.

Sometimes I laugh when something is funny,

But mostly when it is not.

I am known as the happiest one,

The girl who is full of smiles,

But I wish people knew that smiles hide a lot of pain,

even laughter conceals countless tears.

It saddens me to realize how good I have become,

   at pretending to be okay…


Someone said, ending one’s own life is

 a mere act of cowardice

How can I tag a girl who simultaneously puts down her pen and her nerve,

 for her family’s revival

Revival from the wild fire lit by her

Started as a flame,it rapidly grew

Her sins were it’s oxygen

Her tears were it’s heat

Cousins, friends and well-wishers were a fire brigade

    tiring hard to put it off…

-To their awe it regrew every time

She decided.

    If she were the spark then she must put an end

    THE END.

    Her body – the ash and Her soul – the smoke

    This is neither bravery nor sacrifice, but



How far can you test me?

  How far can you judge me ?

     How far can you avoid me?

        How far can you hurt me?

I know , how far you care for me…

          how far you love me…

       how far you will be for me…

    how far you trust me…

But mark my words.

Till my last breathe I will be faithful to you.

                                       – THINA.P

I am what I am…

Dont wanna live for fake appreciation and love

Dont wanna spread fake smiles and joys

Dont wanna blame others for anything and everything

Dont wanna believe anything I am to believe and follow

Dont wanna live to die.



Man smiles ,  God blesses

Man cries , God rains

Man fights , God loves

Man forgets , God thanks

Man regrets , God mourns

Man sleeps , God guards

Man revenges , God forgives

Man wishes , God grants

Man plays , God gives victory

Man lie , God punishes

Man consumes , God provides

Man lives by killing God…

This is sacrifice . Mere sacrifice and love….

                                                    – THINA.P


The more I give , the more I get

The more I motivate , the more I  get demotivated

The more I create laughters , the more I cry

The more I give em’ company , the more I am alone

The more I love , the more I am hated

The more I pray , the more I lose

The more I engage , the more I fail

The more I talk , the more I’m dumb

Finally ,

          The more I live , the more I die !